April 19, 2024

About Us

We are the Student Marxists of Pittsburgh, a student organization based at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Student Marxists of Pittsburgh exists to provide a space on campus to promote Marxist ideas, theory, and historical analysis, to apply Marxist perspectives to current events and politics, and to engage in student outreach and in the building of student-worker solidarity. The activities of the Student Marxists of Pittsburgh will include reading and discussion groups, hosting speakers and public meetings about topics pertaining to Marxism, mobilizing students in support of organized labor in Western PA, and participating in political life on campus. Student Marxists of Pittsburgh professes no interests separate and apart from those of the working class as a whole, nor does it set up any sectarian principles of its own, by which to shape and mold student political activity. Accordingly, it welcomes all socialists and students interested in socialism regardless of individual identity.

We stand for the socialist transformation of society and the establishment of a worker’s government in the United States, as well as proletarian internationalism. We believe that Marxism provides the theoretical framework to achieve this goal. We demand the nationalization of the Fortune 500; the right to a full-time job, free and lifelong education, and the establishment of the twenty-hour work week; nationalized healthcare; and an immediate transition to clean, renewable energy under workers control with paid retraining for any jobs displaced. We believe the Democrats and Republicans both represent the interests of big business, and we urge a break from the two parties and the formation of a mass workers’ party. We advocate for building up workers’ organizations instead of shortcuts such as adventures of small groups of people to create provocations, i.e. “propaganda of the deed.”

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Workers of all nations, unite!