April 19, 2024

Points of Unity

  1. We believe that capitalism has inherent and intractable contradictions that are holding back society and dragging it towards social breakdown.

  2. We believe that capitalism cannot be meaningfully and permanently reformed due to its contradictions and must be replaced with revolutionary socialist policies in which the immense working class majority of the population would be able to decide matters of the economy and government. We believe that organized labor should run our own candidates for office, and no support can be lent to either party of big business. The “common sense” reformism and class collaborationism prevalent in the labor movement and the broader left is the number one weakness holding us back today.

  3. We believe that the classic texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and other revolutionary thinkers establish a path towards socialism and the liberation of the working class.

  4. The Student Marxists of Pittsburgh shall never partake in or condone any individual adventures that substitute small groups of leftists for the role of the masses, nor will we expose our members to legal or administrative consequences by engaging in ill-advised provocations.